Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park Mission Statement

The Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park, Inc. (FORS) exists to promote community interest in Rainbow Springs State Park and to assist in the Florida Park Service mission of providing resource-based recreation while preserving, interpreting and restoring natural and cultural resources.

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Summer Day At The Park
Summer Day At The Park.

The organized volunteer effort at Rainbow Springs State Park began in 1990 immediately following the purchase of the site of what once had been a commercial attraction. Volunteers cleared the old gardens of more than 15 years of debris and weed and exotic plant growth, uncovering walkways throughout the park area. They also did repairs to make the existing facilities usable.' In 1992 the volunteers were allowed to open the park on a weekend only basis.


waterfall top
Waterfall flows.

The business affairs of the Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park, Inc. (FORS) are managed by a thirteen member Board of Directors who are elected by the voting members of the organization. Nine Directors serve a two year term and are limited to three consecutive terms for a total of six years. The three members of the Executive Board – President, Vice President and Secretary – serve a two year term and are limited to two consecutive terms for a total of four years. The Treasurer is elected, but is not subject to term limits.

    FORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2015-2016 are:

  • President Ralph Kaleshefski
  • Vice President Art Ross
  • Secretary Marylou Klein
  • Treasurer Diane Kahler
Bee Enjoying The Sun.

    Board Members:

  • Terry Blaes
  • Laurie Baker
  • Linda Brown
  • Betty Dau
  • Rosemarie Kleuker
  • William McAvay
  • Phyllis Powell
  • Visitor Services Operations Managers

  • Food Concession Fern McAvay
  • Gift Shop