• Art In The Park

    Painting and photography by Art In The Park vendors!

  • Woodturners

    Many fine items made by local Woodturners.

  • kindergarten Nature Days

    Kindergarten classes focus on nature at Rainbow Springs State Park

  • Sunflower Fest

    FORS and park volunteers give nursing home residents a day of fun and food in the park.

  • Kindergarten Nature Days

    Boo! Scary!! Volunteers getting ready for Dark Side Of The Rainbow.

Special Events

Art Show In The Park

Spring Show

"Art in the Park" began as a part of the "Spring at the Springs" event held while the azaleas and other spring flowering plants and trees are in bloom at Rainbow Springs State Park. Now taking place early March. The art show and sale features art works from area art groups. Visitors can stroll through the park enjoying the blooming flowers and trees as well as lovely fine art work for sale by local artists.

Art In The Park
Art In The Park This Way!

What's Available

The show and sale features framed fine art, browse boxes, greeting cards and other items of interest, including handmade jewelry. If the weather allows, there are Plein Art painters demonstrating their skills throughout the park.

Fall Show

A second, more limited Art Show and Sale now takes place in the fall. This more limited show and sale features a limited number of handpicked artists. It provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the park during a lovely fall weekend and to purchase some unique holiday gifts. The date may vary for this fall show so check our calendar of events for the date and times. All sales from both shows include a 20% donation to the Friends of Rainbow Springs for its support of the park.

Woodturners Art Show And Sale

Woodturner items
Woodturners Items.


The Woodturners Show and Sale initially began as part of the "Fall Heritage Days" program. Now a standalone event, the ever-popular Hands-On Woodturners spend two days at the park, demonstrating their talents and offering items for sale. These very talented artists are true craftsmen and you will be amazed at some of the items they make. You will marvel at how they can take a raw piece of wood and turn it into a lovely item, from ornament to bowl to vase to other works of art. This show and sale is a wonderful opportunity to purchase reasonably priced and unique holiday gifts. All sales from this show include a 20% donation to the Friends of Rainbow Springs for its support of the park.